Metal compounds are widely used in organic and medicinal chemistry as either reactants or catalysts. Since most metal ions have physiological activities, reducing residual metal levels has become a key step in syntheses of bioactive compounds. Metal scavenger resins is an efficient method to remove metal ions during post synthesis purification. Lyotex has developed several different functionalized metal scavenger resins to remove metals in a variety of organic syntheses.

Removing Metals from APIs :

Key Issues

  • Requirement to meet low regulatory requirements (EMEA guidelines).
  • Need for a rapid, reliable, one-stop metal removal technology for all API’s.
  • Minimising loss of API within environment of process intensification.
  • Regulatory assurance around all materials used in late synthetic steps.
  • Finding a solution which will scale & be economic from lab, through process to plant.

Successful Pd removal from Pharmaceutical Intermediates & APIs

Reactions described include:-

  • Hydrogenations & deprotections
  • Sonogashira reactions
  • Heck reactions
  • Suzuki reactions
  • Buchwald-Hartwig reactions

Lyotex offers the following metal scavengers:-

  • Thiol resin/Silica Thiol

  • Thiourea resin/Silica Thiourea

  • DMT resin/Silica DMT

  • TMT resin/Silica TMT

 Benefits  from using resins offers by Lyotex:-

  • Performance : extremely high metal affinity for diverse range of API’s with very high product recovery
  • High purity : strictly no added impurities.
  • Track record : used on multi-kg scale by major Pharma & FC companies with increasing usage from Discovery onwards.
  • Speed : the route to a quick, first time solution applying proven products, based on Pharma project experience.
  • Simplescalablecost-effective processes.