The use of polymer-supported reagents and scavengers provides an attractive and practical method for the clean and efficient preparation of novel chemical entities. These methods can be extended in a multistep fashion to provide access to more complex structures, including biologically active natural products.

Lyotex offers the following Reagents:-

  • Polymer bound Borohydride
  • Polymer bound Cyanoborohydride
  • Polymer bound Borane
  • Polymer bound Triphenylphosphine
  • Polymer bound DMAP
  • Polymer bound Piperidine
  • Polymer bound Morpholine
  • Polymer bound Sulfonyl chloride
  • Polymer bound DIPA

Scavenger resins are polymers (resins) with bound functional groups that react with specific by-products, impurities, or excess reagents produced in a reaction. Polymer-bound functional groups permit the use of many different scavengers, as the functional groups are confined within a resin or are simply bound to the solid support of a bead. Simply, the functional groups of one scavenger will react minimally with the functional groups of another. We offer the following:-

  • Carbonate resin
  • Aldehyde resin
  • Carboxylic acid resin
  • Sulphonic acid resin
  • Hydroxide resin
  • Triethylamine resin
  • Piperazine resin