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Lyotex is the leading manufacturer of resin and peptide nationwide located in Navi Mumbai and offering never before price range in this competitive market. We specialize in peptides, amino acids, SPPS resins, SPPS reagents and solvents, peptide re-agents, lyophilization, cosmetic peptide, and last but not the least customized peptide.

Lyotex is a provider of Custom Peptide Synthesis for the life science research community since 2010. We offer a complete range of peptide synthesis services ranging from bulk API peptides to high throughput library peptides and array peptide preparation. We also offer peptide formulation services along with contract manufacturing options. Custom Peptides Synthesis is performed to produce research-grade or bulk API polypeptides. large-scale Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis is well suited for preparing biologically active peptides including long, difficult and hydrophobic peptides. SOLID PHASE Synthesis also provides a large number of peptide modifications as well as custom peptides for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

With over 8 years of experience in this field, Mr. Fenil Shah and Ms. Heena Shah (mother) have built one of the most customer-friendly and rapidly growing companies with clients like MSN, Biocon, Dr. Reddy, Molepharma, Cipla and many more.

How We Operate

Sales: Our Sales Team is highly trained in the qualities, benefits, and use of our products, and they are here to help you make important purchasing decisions. Many members of our Sales Team hold advanced degrees in chemistry. Our Customer Support Team has many years of experience in the peptide field and they are ready to help you with questions, orders etc

Experience: Founded by Mr. Fenil Shah, a former pharma trader and learner under the most known doctors and Mrs. Heena Shah, a born entrepreneur, an expert in finance and backbone of her son Fenil, together have built a team staffed by peptide chemists and engineers with an experimental and in-depth of experience in the peptide field. We at Lyotex understand how important it is to provide right kind of scientist to every individual client. Our Production Team is highly skilled and has been building our instruments for many years. Specialized parts are made in our well-equipped machine shop by expert machinists, with many years of experience in our business.

Providing the right kind of formulation at the rates best suitable for the clients and at the same time not keeping any restriction on the quantity of order we make sure to provide quality to small-scale, medium scale and large scale industries.

Our Vision: Lyotex aims to become your one stop shop for all your peptide-based needs.

Our Mission: Our mission is to provide quality peptide and raw material at the lowest possible prices.es and API intermediates.


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Interested In Join Our Team?

We have a trained and talented workforce in our company who help us serve our customers better.

We believe in continual development and learning-by-doing. We delegate responsibilities to our employees and also give them considerable authority to execute them successfully. We also believe in a long term commitment and job security, thus, some of our employees have been with us for over 10 years throughout our existence.

We are in the process of expansion and in need of an increasing workforce. If you feel you have the passion and commitment to excel in the field of peptides, amino acids, SPPS resins, SPPS reagents and solvents, peptide re-agents, lyophilization, cosmetic peptide, and last but not the least customized peptide., you would be welcome to approach us, and we would surely give you the opportunity that best suits your talents.

Let Us Help You to Find a Solution That Meets Your Needs

Even if there is something you have always wanted to experience and can’t find it on Lyotex, let us know and we promise we’ll do our best.

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